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WiSMa GmbH | Ihr Dienstleister im Gesundheitswesen
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How to find WiSMa GmbH in Freiburg

Autobahn A5 – Exit at Freiburg Mitte
Drive toward Stadtmitte and take exit Messe Freiburg
Then drive until Ikea and make a right at the light
Then make your first left at the next light





Find us

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Our Mission

We strive to satisfy our customers in line with the principles of both the University Medical Center Freiburg and with our company’s principles and commitment to quality management.

Our Contribution to the Provision of Health Care

As part of the University Medical Center Freiburg, we greatly contribute to providing health care in the southern Baden region of Germany thanks to our know-how, reliable services, and provision of medical supplies.
We guarantee top level quality in supplying medical products for the health care industry. This proven commitment benefits all patients treated at the University Medical Center Freiburg and other medical facilities in the region.

Customer Empathy

Potential clients make purchasing decisions based on their needs. The companies that listen to and meet these needs will end up gaining a strong market share. We understand this concept and as a result gear our business towards empathizing with and satisfying our customers.

Strategic partner and networker

WiSMa GmbH plays a strategic role in opening up new business opportunities for the University Medical Center Freiburg while also networking with other health care providers.

Communication and Collaboration

WiSMa GmbH utilizes its unique expertise to the benefit of both the University Medical Center Freiburg and other professionals in the health care industry who have placed their trust in our supply services.

We provide timely, accurate, and complete information on an internal (within WiSMa and the University Medical Center Freiburg) as well as on an external basis. We include our staff and colleagues in all communication channels and thus foster their motivation and sense of belonging to our company. Most of all we value personal meetings and conversations with our staff, our colleagues at the University Medical Center Freiburg, our customers, and our partners.

Our staff is what makes us successful. We provide training to our entire staff as part of our core belief that continuous professional development ensures qualified employees and in turn solidifies and grows our market share.


Who we are

WiSMa GmbH. was founded in 1998 as a spin-off of Materials Management of the University Medical Center Freiburg’s Sales and Marketing Department.

WiSMa GmbH built and managed the University Medical Center’s first logistics center in Umkirch until 2003. We then moved to our current logistics facilities and expanded them in 2005 to incorporate both the University Medical Center’s central storage and elements of its pharmacy. This expansion allowed us to not only better supply Freiburg with health care materials, but other partner clinics as well.

In addition to logistics, we also manage the procurement of medical supplies and devices for several partner clinics. These two core activities, logistics and procurement, are known as „WiSMa Klassik”. This fact is highlighted by our membership to a Professional Association for Health Care Materials Procurement femak as well as our active membership in the Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade BWA and a Professional Association for Medical Technology (ZMT).

The timeline below illustrates the WiSMa’s expansion over the years:

2003 - A new division called „WiSMa Service Klinikum“ was established and WiSMa’s daily operations came under the leadership of two managing directors.

2004 – The Facility Management Division was established, which today employs 150 people.

2006 - WiSMa entered congress management. We co-manage and closely collaborate with kongress und kommunikation gGmbH, a joint non-profit entity of the University of Freiburg Universität and the University Medical Center Freiburg Klinikum,

2006- WiSMa began collaborating with the Academy for Health Care Professions Akademie für Medizinische Berufe, The academy trains people for numerous jobs in the health care industry and some academy classes are even held in our logistics center.

2007 - WiSMa entered two new markets: materials forwarding and catering services. Our forwarding company specializes in health care materials, whereas our catering and party services have expanded from operating small bistros to providing top quality catering services to an expanding customer base.

2008 - WiSMa branched out into the growing sector of temporary employment services. We are a member of the Association for Temporary Employment Companies IGZ.

2010 – Laundry and laundry facility leasing services for regional partners in the health care industry, state institutes and the gastronomy industry.


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ISO Zertifikat (pdf)
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Spediteur Lizenz (pdf)
Benetzungslücken bei der Händedesinfektion (pdf)
Desinfektionsplan für Arztpraxen (pdf / Format A3)
Hautschutzplan (pdf)
MSRA - Hygienemanagement (pdf)
Praxistips zum Sprechstundenbedarf (pdf)
Retouren-Antrag (pdf)

 WiSMa Products (pdf ca. 80 MB)

Exclusion of Liability

We, at WiSMa GmbH, make a lot of information accessible on our website. Although we strive to update this information regularly, we cannot always ensure that this will be the case.

Due to the legal and technical nature of the Internet, WiSMa GmbH is neither responsible nor liable for the accuracy and correctness of the content of writings and included information, its machine-readable compilation, electronic storage in databases, and dissemination and compliance with data protection laws and other legal obligations by third parties. 


It is permitted to reference information found on the WiSMa GmbH website provided it is available in web pages with links to the WiSMa website and the information can only be saved, forwarded, and reproduced to the extent it appears on those web pages. We insist that if linked with commercial providers, the WiSMa web site appears as the sole component of the browser window.

Information provided by WiSMa GmbH may not be altered, forged or misused for other purposes. Data privacy is to be complied with as stipulated by German federal law.