Exclusion of Liability

We, at WiSMa GmbH, make a lot of information accessible on our website. Although we strive to update this information regularly, we cannot always ensure that this will be the case.

Due to the legal and technical nature of the Internet, WiSMa GmbH is neither responsible nor liable for the accuracy and correctness of the content of writings and included information, its machine-readable compilation, electronic storage in databases, and dissemination and compliance with data protection laws and other legal obligations by third parties. 


It is permitted to reference information found on the WiSMa GmbH website provided it is available in web pages with links to the WiSMa website and the information can only be saved, forwarded, and reproduced to the extent it appears on those web pages. We insist that if linked with commercial providers, the WiSMa web site appears as the sole component of the browser window.

Information provided by WiSMa GmbH may not be altered, forged or misused for other purposes. Data privacy is to be complied with as stipulated by German federal law.