Our Mission

We strive to satisfy our customers in line with the principles of both the University Medical Center Freiburg and with our company’s principles and commitment to quality management.

Our Contribution to the Provision of Health Care

As part of the University Medical Center Freiburg, we greatly contribute to providing health care in the southern Baden region of Germany thanks to our know-how, reliable services, and provision of medical supplies.
We guarantee top level quality in supplying medical products for the health care industry. This proven commitment benefits all patients treated at the University Medical Center Freiburg and other medical facilities in the region.

Customer Empathy

Potential clients make purchasing decisions based on their needs. The companies that listen to and meet these needs will end up gaining a strong market share. We understand this concept and as a result gear our business towards empathizing with and satisfying our customers.

Strategic partner and networker

WiSMa GmbH plays a strategic role in opening up new business opportunities for the University Medical Center Freiburg while also networking with other health care providers.

Communication and Collaboration

WiSMa GmbH utilizes its unique expertise to the benefit of both the University Medical Center Freiburg and other professionals in the health care industry who have placed their trust in our supply services.

We provide timely, accurate, and complete information on an internal (within WiSMa and the University Medical Center Freiburg) as well as on an external basis. We include our staff and colleagues in all communication channels and thus foster their motivation and sense of belonging to our company. Most of all we value personal meetings and conversations with our staff, our colleagues at the University Medical Center Freiburg, our customers, and our partners.

Our staff is what makes us successful. We provide training to our entire staff as part of our core belief that continuous professional development ensures qualified employees and in turn solidifies and grows our market share.