Material & Logistics - C items

You have negotiated good prices for your best-selling A and B items!

The ordering and procurement of these important, fast-moving goods run quite smoothly!
However, now you need a pair of surgical scissors with an item price of 1.98€, which raises the following questions:

Who will supply you with this?

What is the minimum order value?

Is there something else you can order from this supplier?

What are the delivery charges?

Despite all these questions, you put in this time-consuming order for an article used only once a year. Consider this best-case scenario for the time required for this order:


Activity Time required
Known supplier, order is entered  3 Minuten
Order is faxed 1 Minute
Goods are delivered, checked and the delivery note signed 3 Minuten

End-user, who happens to be in the warehouse at that time,
takes the scissors

1 Minute
Invoice controlling and booking 2 Minuten




Based on an hourly wage of 12 €, this 10 minute order costs you 2.00 € in labor, plus 1.98 € for the item. Many purchasers spend too much time chasing articles with little relevance to their overall objectives. Unfortunately, this occurs regularly in daily business. However, these articles must be procured and disposed. The example above clearly shows that costs involved are not proportional to the invested time.

WiSMa Ltd. supports purchasers and customers by offering services which saves them time and ultimately money in the management of C inventory items.

We manage the procurement process and deliver the product free of charge, on time, and without any additional charges (C item contract is required).

In our role as your external central warehouse, we can stock your C items as well as your fast-moving, low value A and B items which require a lot of storage space (e.g. disposable receptacles). You determine the minimum stock level and we store your items and deliver them to end users on demand.

Let us simplify your daily operations!

WiSMa Management of C Items